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Welcome to Sagay City

In recent years, Sagay City has prominently made a name for itself as an amerging tourism destination. It has been a favorite "Lakbay Aral" sire for many LGUs becasue of its government projects and environmental protection programs which are worth emulating. With hard work and commitment of our leader and people we have transformed our city into an interesting place to visit, relax, learn and enjoy.

Come and experience our SEA, SAND and SIGHTS at the 32,000 hectares Sagay Marine Reserve. Visit Carbin Reef; a 200-hectare marine sanctuary with its unique, tongue shaped sand bar, clear blue water, virtually clean environment which offers a lot of exciting marine adventures as well as the sharing of learning process. And of course, Museo Sang Bata Sa Negros, a children's mainr museum is a place of un, activities and learning too!For LGUs scoutung for Lakbay Aral destination, make it Sagay City!

Our projects are solid testimony of a strong political will showcasing worthwhile government programs geared towards progress and development. Our Dairy Farm with high breed milking cows is a favorite place for kids to experience manual milking and a sampling of yummy fresh cows milk. We are proud to have one of the most modern slaughterhouse in the region which is of international standard. Sagay City Public Mall is a convenient and comfortable place for both local enterpreneurs and the buying public as well. Our Sea Port located at Baranggay Old Sagay will soon operate and will surely open its doors for more business opportunities. Sagay City Piggery is a hygeinic and well taken cared of hog breeding farm for dispersal. These and many other city projects.

On top of all of these, our native cuisine is delicious; cooked in our own unique Sagaynon way with a wide variety of our succulent fresh sea foods. Experience Sagay breeze and history as you take a couple of hours trip on board a floating raft at Himogaan River Cruise!

Your comfort is our concern. We have our major accommodation facility managed by the City Government, Balay Kauswagan, with hotel amenities to make your trip hustle and worry free. Come visit Sagay!

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Tourism Destinations

Himoga-an River Cruise
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the newest tourism activity in Sagay City , the cruise is a two-hour boat trip from Brgy. Fabrica wharf plying through the city’s longest river, Himoga-an and ends at Brgy. Old Sagay.   There are interesting and delightful sceneries along the way like the carabao island, migratory birds frolickin on the mangroves...

Sagay Marine Reserve
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Sagay Marine Reserve gives our City Government every reason to invite tourists to experience the charm of our sea, sand and sights.  Carbin Reef is a marine sanctuary with its huge, tongued-shaped, creamy white sandbar and its clear waters offers the freshest option for swimming, snorkeling...

Museo sang Bata sa Negros
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It's the second hands-on and interactive children's museum in the country and its first marine museum.  The museum has an interesting whale-shaped edifice and is located at the port area of Brgy. Old Sagay, 5.5 km. from the city proper.  MSBN has four permanent exhibit areas:  The Marine Story...